New Luce Community Trust

4G Mobile Phone Mast

At the end of August members of the Community Council and The Trust, along with invited guests welcomed The Scottish Government’s Connectivity Minister Paul Wheelhouse to New Luce.

The minister visited the village to hear what benefits the community had received since the mast was erected and became operational at the beginning of the year.

The most obvious benefit has been that the majority of the community can now access a mobile phone signal from the network provider Vodafone. (EE will be on stream by the end of the year). Other benefits have included being able to look at innovative new projects where QR codes and mobile signals are required – such as the intended development of the Curling Pond and also the Whithorn Way walk which goes through New Luce. (The Whithorn Way is a long distance pilgrimage walk from Glasgow to Whithorn, following in the footsteps of centuries of Pilgrims, Saints and Monarchs).

The mast also provides a connection for Smart Meters. (Smart meters can provide quick, accurate measurements of electricity use while eliminating the need for estimated monthly bills or home visits from meter readers). If you are interested in a Smart Meter or more information on them please contact your energy supplier who will be able to talk you through the benefits. (Quoting the mast at Mains of Larg, New Luce. DG8 0AT).