New Luce Community Trust

Curling Pond Project

A lot of work has now been completed at the Curling Pond, thanks to a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund.

The pond has been excavated and cleaned and is looking amazing, with a pathway having been created around the pond, to create a lovely walk. Bench seating has been placed strategically to maximise the views.

We are still awaiting the viewing hide being erected – This is taking longer than expected due to timescales with contractors.

An interpretation Board will be in situ within the next few weeks, which has a QR code that leads to an amazing film that is a recreation of what the Curling Pond looked like many years ago. The Board will also have a sample of some of the wildlife you may expect to see in and around the pond.

A Volunteer group has been set up of willing helpers, who will help maintain the area and ensure it is looking its best for everyone to visit.

At a recent community meeting lots of suggestions were given about others ideas for the area, which were all recorded and will be used towards a Phase 2 of the project.