New Luce Community Trust


The Board of Directors will direct and manage the affairs, property and funds of the Company.  The Board of Directors will be made up of:

  • Up to six individual persons elected as Directors by the Ordinary Members and who themselves must be Ordinary Members; and
  • Up to two individual persons appointed by New Luce Community Council.

Each year, at the Annual General meeting of the Trust, one third of the Elected Directors will retire from office.  They will be eligible to be re-elected for one more term of office, i.e two years.  The Appointed Directors will be reappointed on an annual basis by New Luce Community Council, prior to the Trust’s AGM.  Community Councils have a term of office of 4 years at the end of which there is an election, with the next due to take place in 2024

The following members are currently the Elected Directors of NLCT

  • Alistair McClelland – Chairperson
  • Mary Hannay – Vice Chair
  • Alistair Hannay
  • Susan Morton
  • Chase Byerly
  • Paul Heatlie

New Luce Community Council re-appointed the following individuals to serve as Appointed Directors and make up the Board:

  • Eileen McClelland

The Trust also have one co-opted Director

  • Hugh Galloway

Incorporation as a Company limits the liability of the organisation to third parties to the total amount of the members’ guarantees. This gives protection to those running the organisation and its members in most cases.  However, the Directors need to take their responsibilities very seriously as they are legally binding.  There are also obligatory reporting duties, for example for companies to their official regulatory body – Companies House, for Scottish Charities – OSCR.

However, personal liability may still occur if Directors are:

  • reckless
  • negligent
  • act illegally
  • act outwith their powers in the management and control of the organisation.

Guidance on the role, statutory duties and responsibilities of trustees can be found on both the SCVO and the OSCR websites.