New Luce Community Trust

New Luce Community Benefit Fund

The whole community have been involved in identifying opportunities for new projects and services and in setting the funding priorities that will guide the Trustees’ decisions once applications start coming in.  There has been in-depth community consultation giving all members of the community (not just members of the Trust) the opportunity to identify their needs and aspirations for the future of the community and to come up with more ideas or projects that might be funded.  The Trust’s Board of Directors have been guided by that consultation process and, even then, there has been further consultation to gauge community support for the individual projects; particularly high value projects where external match funding has been sought.

How much is available?

Payments of up to £180,000 per annum can be expected.

What will the Trust support?

SPR have agreed key funding priority themes:  Community projects; Job creation; Community assets; Communications infrastructure; Reducing the cost of energy; Tourism development plan.

The Trust will be able to support a wide range of charitable activities that are in accordance with its Purposes.  The Trust will primarily support projects located within or directly benefiting the New Luce Community Council area, although it will be able to consider proposals from outside the area if they include clear benefit to the New Luce community.